Interflow Clean Rooms BV - Construction and Decoration(建筑建材)


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Interflow Clean Rooms BV

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Construction and Decoration(建筑建材)

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Address:De Stek 15, NL 1771 SP, Wieringerwerf
Contact Person:A. Loete
Tel:0031 227 602844

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This is comes from a clean room LED light factory namely BBF Hitech, hope everything goes well with you.

Glad to hear that you are in the market for clean room solutions, with years experience and reputation.

We specialize in the clean room LED light field since 2011, as the golden manufacturer in lighting solutions for all kinds of clean rooms, such as food plant, pharmaceuticals area, operating rooms, semiconductor room, and so on. At present the thinnest anti-explosion clean room light comes from our factory.

Really appreciate you help me drop this E mail to your project head, and if you have any query, please feel free to contact me. SAMPLES will be sent out for your evaluation.

My wechat and whatsapp account is +86 18682468703, and my skype account is, pls add me if it's convenient for you.
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