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Rubber Thread

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Dears Sirs, We are leading manufacture of elastic webbing for upholstery furniture and we are looking for supplier of very hight quality. We are located in Italy, Novedrate ( Como ). We are using High modulus rubber threads for upholstery webbing production. We use gauge 20, 24, 28 with sylicone finishing. We would like to see if it is possible to have a cooperation with your company. It would be very interesting for us to receive a sample of your production and to know the size and weight of your boxes, plus the number of boxes on each pallet. Our consumption is quite high. Please let us have your comment. Thank you

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Co:INTES s.p.a.
Add:via F.Kennedy,15 22060 Novedrate (Co) Italy
Tel:39 031 790371
Fax:39 031 791648
Contact Person: Roberto Nicastro

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I Piant mainy raw cotton and chemical fiber
fabrics dyeing printing high-grade fabric inaddtiion ,in the production of artifical cotton cioth.
Orders for production and development of the product, I hope tohave the opportunity tocooperate thank you
shaoxing dechengke textile co.,ltd
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