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sweet corn and green peas

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We are looking for reliable supplier of sweet corn and green peas of good quality and with good prices. Please let me know if you can offer us such products , and offer your price list. You can find necesary information about our comany on our web page. If you are interested

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xinyuanfood1@163.com   2月前
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Hello, we are a manufacture in Tangshan City, Hebei Province,China. We have our own corn producing area and factory, our company has a large number of frozen corn , frozen carrot,frozen onion,frozen mixed vegetable and other frozen vegetable.The production volume is very large, the quality is very good, the price can be discussed, can be made according to your specific needs packaging. The stock is abundant, and the company has its own planting base, which can supply your company for a long time.
Looking forward your reply.
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