Air to air heat exchanger


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Air to air heat exchanger

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We're in the industrial air pollution control line. Our customer has a cyclone system supplied by our competitor and is drawing the cold air from the air conditioned area. We exhaust cold air needs to be rechanneled back into the work area. The exhaust air after passing through the exhaust fan will have an increase in temperature. Does your company design / supply any heat exchanger that can cool the heated air before supplying it back to the work area. If your company can handle this situation, what exact further details are required. Perhaps you could e-mail us your question-aire in order for us to gather sufficient data / application for working on a quotation / offer. Can your company handle this situation. We look forward to your prompt reply. Thank you.

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bob seng

Company: Dynamicventure

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Dear sir,
our factory mainly manufacture heat-exchange tubes/boiler tubes/alloy steel tubes and etc.
size from OD16mm to 114mm.
monthly capacity is 4000Ton.
more information ,please visit:
any enquiry,please send me.
look forward to cooperate with you.
best regards

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