Urgent - 50 kVA UPS


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Urgent - 50 kVA UPS

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My name is Karen Clarke, and I am a Subcontract Administrator for United Space Alliance at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. I have an urgent requirement for a two month rental of a 50 kVA UPS with a battery bank to support 15 minutes. Do you rent this time of equipment? If so, what is the monthly price? Are there additional charges for set-up, delivery, etc.? Please provide your response by close of business on Thursday, June 26, 2008. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Karen Clarke Subcontract Administrator United Space Alliance clarkeka@usa-spaceops.com 321-861-5895 (Phone) 321-861-5243 (Fax)

Contact Method (联系方式):
Karen Clarke
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899 USA

Company: United Space Alliance
Title: Subcontract Administrator
Phone: 321-861-5895
Fax: 321-861-5243
E-mail: karen.a.clarke@usa-spaceops.com

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