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Heat exchanger

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I need to get a price on some air-to-air heat exchangers. They will be used for heat recovery on our dryer zones. The air flow for each side of the heat exchangers will be 2000 scfm. The maximum incomming temperature on the hot side will be 250 deg F, and ambient incoming on the cold side. There will be a total of 5 heat exchangers. One will be of 304SS, the rest can be whatever your standard construction is. I as expecting an efficiency of 70-75%, and no more than 1" pressure drop across the coil. The application is relatively clean (not a lot of dust) I need a quote as soon as possible. Call me if you have any questions, otherwise an e-mail quote will be fine. Thanks, Lori Coenen Applications Engineering Manager Advance Systems, Inc. Green Bay, WI (920) 468-5477 ext. 135

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Lori Coenen
1031 Ontario Road
Green Bay, WI 54311 USA

Company: Advance SystemsInc
Phone: (920) 468-5477 ext 135
E-mail: lac@advancesystems.com

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