voltage regulators for pcb mounting


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voltage regulators for pcb mounting

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My name is Glenn and I am purchasing for I... AB. We are designing a new product line and need voltage regulator's for pcb mounting. supply voltage 12V out voltage 1V Similar to anachip/diodes AP1513 see . Please send budgetary quotes for 2K, 5K and 10K. Looking forward to your quick response. Thanks and Best Regards Country:Switzerland

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CompanyName:Intertex Data AB
Tel:+46 8 12205626
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lucyli94@yahoo.com   2月前
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Dear Glenn Sjodin,

Good day. Good to know you on waimaoba.com.

This is Lucy from Sunsoar Technology, Shenzhen China. Our factory is specialized in PCB/PCB Assembly approved by ISO9001, including clone PCB from real sample, PCB/PCBA quick-turn prototype, components sourcing and working test after PCB assembly, etc.

We want to know whether the project is still on going. If so, kindly send to us gerber file and bom for quotes. I’ll be at your service 24 hours a day.

As for our advantages:

Medium-sized factory of lower management fees with advanced production equipment and professional engineer team,support anytime with fair price.

We purchase components both from mainland China and overseas countries from original factory and official agents. Sunsoar offer very reasonable components cost.

Experience over 10 years, we are very good at Producing Management and Quality Control.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and Best Regards

Lucy Lee

WhatsApp:+86 17336580268


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